Scuola Internazionale di Comics is a digital and figurative art academy. Originally in Italy, The International School of Comics has one US location in Chicago, IL. We offer an art-only curriculum that includes general education courses in Comic Art, Illustration, Traditional and Digital Art. The school prepares young artists to become professionals and find their artistic soul under the guidance of some of the industry’s best artists.
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Esad Ribic is a master of using lighting and perspective.

My favorite one is the first image. He only fully rendered a few parts of Thor’s left arm, Mjolnir, his mouth, and his nose. The rest is just suggested by the crosshatched shading.

I look at Esad’s work and I see a lot of echoes from the great illustrators of the Turn of the Century (1900-1901) and the Golden Age of Comics.

This guy is GOOD. I found these convention sketches on:
Yeah. These are sketches. Not fully finished works.
Like a said, he’s good.

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That Thomas Hardy comic reminded me that I never posted this Adventure Time comic. I tried to keep this super tight and on-model(ish) and just as much like an episode as possible, which is probably the opposite of the point of these guest comics. This was for the winter special so it’s about as out of season as it can be. These are pages 1-4 of 8.